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Gujarat State Petronet Ltd BSE:532702 NSE:GSPL

Gujarat State Petronet Ltd is engaged in Oil and Gas business. Company is listed on both NSE and BSE. NSE symbol for Gujarat State Petronet Ltd is 'GSPL' and BSE code for Gujarat State Petronet Ltd is '532702'.

About Company

Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL) owns and operates a natural gas transmission network in India. As of March 31, 2005, the Company`s gas transmission network served the State of Gujarat and was connected to natural gas supply sources, as well as most of the users and demand centers in Gujarat. Most of GSPL`s customers are natural gas end users that purchase natural gas from upstream suppliers, such as marketers, producers and importers, and use the Company`s gas transmission network to transport such natural gas to their location. GSPL`s customers also include natural gas suppliers who arrange to supply natural gas to the purchasers at their location. As of March 31, 2005, the Company operated a medium-to-high pressure gas transmission network comprising approximately 433 kilometers of natural gas pipeline from Hazira to Kalol. GSPL transported more than 13 million metric standard cubic meters per day of natural gas as of March 31, 2005.

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Gujarat State Petronet Ltd User Reviews

8. StockTip  Dec 24, 2007 6:52:44 PM IST Reply

The spotlight in the Indian Oil and Gas Sector in the medium term will be on the supply-led surge in natural gas demand and the companies benefiting from it. Amongst the sector, the key beneficiaries will be concerns with high operating leverage, better project execution track record and limited potential downside from possible adverse regulatory development.<br> <br>Against the above backdrop Gujarat Petronet (GSPL) is a top pick on 1. High Operating Leverage in the High Gas Demand state of Gujarat&&; 2. Strong CAPEX plans with good project execution track record, and 3. Visibility on long-term gas supplies.<br> <br>The market which seems to be struggling to stay away the 19000 Sensex level, is not fully pricing in the sustained volume growth potential of GSPLs core transmission business, which runs on the Panna-Mukta-Tapti (PMT gas fields) at present, but which will see addition of the Reliance KG gas in six months from now, and two more surges from the Gujarat Petroleum KG fields in 2010 and ONGCs KG fields in 2012.<br> <br>Key Catalysts:<br> <br>The key stock performance triggers include:1. Commencement of additional supply of 4.8 mmscmd of gas from the PMT fields in April 2008&&; 2. Steady progress in pipeline expansion plans which will go up from 1100 kms at present to roughly 2200 to 2400 kms in 3 years from now&&; 3. Commencement of RILs gas production in second half FY09&&; 4. Further clarity on Gujarat State Petroleum Corporations (GSPC) gas production from the KG basin&&; 5. Successful execution of city gas projects by the GSPC group.<br> <br>The current price of Rs 88 does not reflect a 4 fold increase in gas that is moved through the GSPL network over the next three years or the doubling in pipeline capacities that will further propel a exponential volumetric movement of Gas over Gujarat.<br> <br>More importantly for investors, GSPL unlike Gail is not subject to fixed and arbitrary gas transmission tariffs dictated by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Delhi, or has to accept Natural Gas at price fixed as is the case with R-LNG procured by Petronet LNG from Ras Gas. <br> <br>GSPL has been set up as an open-carrier with take or pay agreement with anyone using the gas pipelines either to move gas or to buy gas. Thus, transmission tariffs are contracted on the distance that gas travels through the GSPL pipeline and deals are not struck at a fixed figure that Gail earns whether a customer is based in Uran or Jagdishpur. The model for GSPL is incremental and proportional to the distance travelled by the Natural Gas on its network.<br> <br>Moreover, the Revenue model for GSPL is much superior than GAIL, for neither are there fixed tariffs nor is there a subsidy element in the form of sinking money into projects dictated by the Central Government-a case in point being the Aonla Petrochem complex that Gail set up under GOI dictats, the failed bids it made for the Myanmar Gas or the Gas blocks which it is prospecting in Egypt without being a GAS E&P company.<br> <br>The market capitalisation of GSPL is also much lower for a network of comparable size. GSPL with a pipeline network of 1100 kms draws a market capitalisation of Rs 5400 crore, while GAIL with a pipeline network of just about 2000 kms fetches a market capitalisation of Rs 40,000 crore. <br> <br>Quite significantly for GSPL, the deal with RIL is a win-win situation for both entities. While RIL gets to use the entire 2400 km network of GSPL to distribute the KG natural gas into Gujarat for civillian use as piped natural gas (PNG) and as compressed Natural Gas (CNG) through Reliance Petrol Pumps for vehicular usage.<br> <br>RIL will also use the GSPL pipeline to move KG gas to its Jamnagar complex, thirdly, RIL will be putting up the East-West pipeline that links Kakinada (RILs KG production point) with Uran or Dahej which will be GSPLs take-up point for the KG gas. In addition, Gujarat State Petroleum will use the East-West RIL pipeline to move its Natural Gas from the KG fields through the Kakinada landing point into Gujarat, once again ending up using the GSPL network for state-wise distribution.<br> <br>Thus all three, GSPL, GSPC and RIL would share the same gas transmission network without over-lapping anyone to maximise the use of an existing but growing gas pipeline network.<br> <br>GSPL could be one of the top-performers of 2008.

7. kuldeep  Dec 26, 2007 8:13:49 PM IST Reply


6. raman  Jan 5, 2008 12:32:36 AM IST Reply


5. Sanjay Sharma  Jan 5, 2008 9:16:16 PM IST Reply

GSPL First target was 97&#x3E&&;&#x3E&&;104&#x3E&&;&#x3E&&;130 and Mid term 145.....Gud Stock and excelent future.....

4. kk  Apr 10, 2008 8:01:40 AM IST Reply

Guj State Petronet Ltd (GSPL) @ 60 looks very good. <br>GSPL is our highest conviction pick amongst Indian gas utilities, driven by: <br>1) strong visibility fueling a 30% volume CAGR over FY08-<br>12E&&; <br>2) timely capacity build-out and superior execution&&; <br>3) sound business model&&; and <br>4) low regulatory risk. ~50% stock correction appears unwarranted as business fundamentals and industry outlook remain robust.

3. insight  Oct 26, 2009 2:37:29 PM IST Reply

Gujarat State Petronet<br>Buy<br>Price: Rs89 Target Price (Mar 10): Rs106<br><br>Volume driven.<br><br>*Performance continues to improve: During the second quarter,<br>GSPL continued to build on the strong volume growth witnessed in the<br>first quarter. Gas transportation volume increased from 25 mmscmd in<br>Q1 FY10 to 31 mmscmd in Q2 FY10. Tariff reduced marginally from Rs.<br>0.9 / scm to Rs. 0.89/scm, in line with our previous note of 28th July.<br>On a quarter-on-quarter basis, the Income from Operations increased<br>from Rs. 2381 mn. to Rs. 2547 mn, EBIDTA increased from Rs. 1980<br>mn. to Rs. 2443 mn. and PAT increased from Rs. 805 mn. to Rs. 1100<br>mn.<br>

2. Insight technical  Nov 24, 2009 11:41:20 AM IST Reply

• GSPL Nov. Future (Rs. 94)<br><br>Buy only in the region 93-94 with a stop loss<br>below 91.5 for an intra-day target of 98.

1. Ramarao M S  May 25, 2010 2:26:51 PM IST Reply

With a strong base and good management the going is good but it is time for the CEO and the directors to protect the shreholders who have a long wait,that too when liquid GOLD is in their hands.

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