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  • NSE Top Gainers

    Last updated: 1/28/2015 10:30:00 AM IST
    RKSV Open an Trading Account"

    NSE Top Gainers is a list of 30 stocks from National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) which increased most (in percent) in last trading session. NSE Top Gainers list provide you latest information about stocks and there prices.

    View the highest gaining shares on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) as below:

    CompanyLTPPrev Close% Change
    Polaris Software Lab Ltd183.9153.2520.00
    Igarashi Motors India Ltd161.55134.6519.98
    Horizon Infrastructure Ltd97.180.9519.95
    Seamec Ltd85.170.9519.94
    Marksans Pharma Ltd21.4517.919.83
    Sanghvi Movers Ltd62.156.2511.29
    Mudra Lifestyle Ltd9.458.7510.86
    Astral Poly Technik Ltd448.5408.510.40
    Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd4.4410.00
    Xpro India Ltd33.0530.059.98
    OCL Iron and Steel Ltd23.721.559.98
    Golden Tobacco Ltd19.9518.159.92
    HBL Power Systems Ltd109.19.89
    Arshiya International Ltd13.912.659.88
    IMP Powers Ltd24.0521.99.82
    Hindustan Dorr Oliver Ltd7.36.659.77
    Bodal Chemicals Ltd15.4514.59.66
    KSB Pumps Ltd312.5284.359.55
    Euro Ceramics Ltd4.654.259.41
    Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd249224.459.29
    Tanla Solutions Ltd4.84.49.09
    Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd47.543.958.99
    Centum Electronics Ltd176.351668.67
    SML Isuzu Limited 316.152978.01
    Dynamatic Technologies Ltd590550.47.96
    TRF Ltd162.61517.81
    Vindhya Telelinks Ltd160.1157.257.54

    Stocks starting from the letter:
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